The Slow Burn Personal Training studio is the antithesis of the sweaty, smelly, loud gym scene. It’s an ideal training environment that allows you the ability to concentrate and focus, producing superior results.

Just 3 clients and their certified trainers are ever in the elegant studio at one time. There is no general membership. This kind of privacy is nearly impossible to find in an exercise facility. In many ways, Slow Burn personal training is the perfect setting for those who dislike the gym scene and want real, measurable results. In fact, they guarantee it.

The Slow Burn method of strength training uses very slow and controlled repetitions for maximum safety and effectiveness. This type of low force training will improve your muscular strength, flexibility, endurance, aerobic power and metabolic rate all in just 15-30 minutes, twice a week.

Using the Slow Burn method, your instructor will take your muscles to a slow and controlled deep muscle fatigue. You’ll feel exhilarated, not exhausted. Over time, you’ll feel younger, taller, stronger and healthier than ever before.

Nutritional advice is complimentary and so is a computerized body composition analysis to keep you on track losing about a pound per week and restoring or increasing highly metabolic muscle tissue.

Within the Slow Burn studio is Remedy Massage. Remedy Massage therapists are all state licensed experts at sports, deep tissue and pain-management techniques. Imagine having an exhilarating personal training session immediately followed by a soreness reducing, stress relieving massage. Yes you can!

The first Slow Burn session is complimentary! Call 973-233-1013 to schedule your first session. We are open Monday through Sunday 6am until 8pm. Space is limited.


Monday 6am-8:30pm
Tuesday 6am-8:30pm
Wednesday 6am-8:30pm
Thursday 6am-8:30pm
Friday 6am-8:30pm
Saturday 8am-3:30pm
Sunday 8am-3:30pm