C3Workplace's fifth annual Small Business Week celebration event is a great opportunity for small business owners to network and learn strategies for their business. The question "Who do you have to BE and what do you have to DO to take your business to the next level?" will be answered by the event's panel.

Laura Berman Fortgang, business owner, author, speaker, and career & business coach, will join the event as its keynote speaker. The panel includes Jason Meisner, partner at Coughlin Duffy, LLP; Katherine O'Hara, founder of the O'Hara Project; Stephen Bienko, CEO of Fownders; Rosanne DeTorres, managing partner and co-founder of DeTorres and DeGeorge Family Law; and Donna Miller, president and founder of C3Workplace.

Tickets are $45 early bird pricing, and $55 after April 21.