Montclair Art Museum's newest exhibition "Matisse and American Art" examines Matisse's impact on the development of American modern art from 1907 to today. On view are 65 different works including paintings, sculpture, works on paper, print, and objects. To explore Matisse's influence and effect on modern art, the exhibition compares 19 works from Matisse and 44 works from various American artists, with Andy Warhol, Faith Ringgold, and Max Weber being just a few.

The exhibition will show just how Matisse's profound work has impacted works from artists after him, through everything from their use of color to the subject matter of their art. The exhibition will be the first to expand Matisse's impact by focusing on the beginning of the 20th century and the 21st century.

"Matisse and American Art" will be exhibited from February 5 to June 18. Members of the Montclair Art Museum can see the exhibition for free; non-members must pay for admission to the museum and a special exhibition fee.