The National Council of Jewish Women is sponsoring a "Lunch and Learn" program to share the stories and obstacles faced by women who have served in the military. "In Her Combat Boots" will feature speakers who will share their experiences as veterans or working with female veterans. Speakers include: Priscilla Arias, Army National Guard Veteran; Janine Decker, Women Veterans Program Manager for the VA NJ Health Care System; Barbara Plyer, a counselor with Vista Healthcare; Sharon Stroye, Assistant Dean for the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers; and Jossie Thurman, current NJ Army National Guardsman.

"In Her Combat Boots" highlights an important subject that is not addressed as often as it should be. Women veterans are at least twice as likely to be homeless than non-veteran women. They are more likely to return to homelessness, health issues, and poverty and more likely to experience some form of trauma and/or sexual harassment while in the armed services than their male counterparts. Many women veterans feel that issues specific to them are not addressed adequately by the Veterans Administration. This event will open up the discussion and shed light on the stories and challenges of women veterans.

Along with the opportunity to listen to speakers, a buffet lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required. Tickets for NCJW/Essex members and nonmembers are $20. "In Her Combat Boots" is free to veterans.